Central Coast rainfall totals - California's Central Coast

Absolute garbage rainfall total of 2 or 2.5 inches here in HB, California for the last year. Currently to this date, we scratch away at a putrid 19% of our normal season total with the storm season less than a month from ending. ...read more


CNRFC - California Nevada River Forecast Center

Monthly Rainfall Information for Atlanta, Athens, Macon & Columbus ...read more


Rainfall Totals - Paso Robles, California

4/10/2020 · Then the tap shut off, with Southern California experiencing one of the driest January/February spans in the region’s recorded climatological history. By March 8, water-year rainfall … ...read more


Rainfall Scorecard - National Weather Service

asus66 ksto 201250 max/min temperature and precipitation table for california national weather service sacramento ca 550 am pdt sat mar 20 2021 : :yesterdays high temperature :12 hour minimum temperature ending at 5:00 am :24 hour accumulated precipitation ending at 5:00 am .br sto 0320 p dh05/tx/tn/pp/sd : : :id station elev : high / low / pcpn / snodep : : northwest california ...read more


Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation

Rainfall Storm Total Doppler Radar for Cambria CA, providing current static map of storm severity from precipitation levels. View other Cambria CA radar models including Long Range, Base, Composite, Storm Motion, Base Velocity, and 1 Hour Total; with the option of viewing animated radar loops in dBZ and Vcp measurements, for surrounding areas of Cambria and overall San Luis Obispo county ...read more


Weather - eLivermore.com

Rainfall Summary Report For Period Ending 11:00 PM March 16, 2021 1-hour Rainfall Total (inches) 6-hour Rainfall Total (inches) 24-hour Rainfall Total (inches) 72-hour Rainfall Total (inches) 7-day Rainfall Total (inches) Year to Date* (inches) Annual Average* (inches) Eastvale 0.00 0.01 0.01 0.20 1.47 5.62 12 Riverside 0.00 0.00 0.01 0.17 1.19 ...read more


San Diego Weather Center : RAIN TOTALS

This site provides current rainfall totals for Ventura County and nearby counties. These data are updated every 5 minutes. Sate wide data are provided by the California/Nevada River Forecast Center. Use the Datasets Menu and Dailog to change rainfall period or select weather or ocean temperature. Use the Layers menu to turn on/off NWS Warnings ...read more


Climate Stockton - California and Weather averages Stockton

22 rows · 3/19/2021 · Normal season: July 1 through June 30. Average seasonal precipitation: 13.03" … ...read more


Year to date rainfall: 2020 still running well above

California Annual Rainfall and Climate Data ...read more


Weather - Shasta County

Current Rain Totals and Percent of Normal: Name: Rain Since 8:00am: 24 Hour Amount at 8:00am: Rain Total Last 5 Days: Accumulated Total to Date: Normal to Date: Percent of Normal to Date: Last Year Rain to Date: Camarillo - PVWD: 0.00: 0.00: 0.01: 2.71: 11.02: 24.6%: 8.57: Casitas Dam: 0.00: 0.00: 0.00: 6.39: 19.38: 33.0%: 13.14: Casitas Station: 0.00: 0.00: 0.01: 6.37: 19.03: 33.4%: 13.83: El Rio - … ...read more


Current Rainfall Map Interface

California Average Annual Precipitation Map (1961-1990) (Click Map For Full Size View) ...read more


CalClim: California Climate Data Archive

1/11/2016 · Rainfall Data To Date Trending Well. Sponsored by: 17 inches of accumulated rainfall since the beginning of last October, which marked the beginning of the current water-year. That is five ...read more


Dry rainfall year ends, new one starts with showers

Making Orange County a safe, healthy, and fulfilling place to live, work, and play, today and for generations to come, by providing outstanding, cost-effective regional public services. ...read more


California Rainfall Totals - Engaging Data

Welcome to Calclim, the California Climate Data Archive. Calclim is a climate monitoring and data access website for the state of California. Calclim is sponsored by the California Energy Commission and is a joint effort between the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Western Regional Climate Center. Current California Climate At-A-Glance ...read more


Monthly Precipitation Summary - California Nevada River

3/21/2021 · NEW YEARS EVE NEW YEARS DAY ST. PATRICK'S DAY EASTER MEMORIAL DAY JULY 4th LABOR DAY HALLOWEEN THANKSGIVING CHRISTMAS. MAR Monthly Average Temperature: 47.2 F Year to date precipitation: 10.45 MAR Month to date precipitation: 1.75 Last Updated: 03/20/21. ...read more


Orange County, California - Rainfall Data

46%: Yesterday's High: 64.1 °F 3:25pm . Barometer: 30.08in: Moonrise: 11:58am Yesterday's Low: 39.5 °F 6:53am: Trend:-0.004in: Moonset: 2:30am ...read more


Cambria CA weather radar map - Rainfall Storm Total

7/20/2020 · The meteorological rainfall season measures rainfall totals here in California from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the current year. What You Need To Know Southern California experienced above-average precipitation in November and December 2019 February 2020 was one of the driest on record for many locations in southwestern California ...read more


Very wet 2017 water year ends in California | NOAA Climate.gov

The most catastrophic California flooding of record occurred in the winter of 1861–1862, when there were record floods over the entire length of the state. During December and January, many places received 200% to 400% of their average rainfall. As a result, the Central Valley became a large (5,000 square mile) inland lake. The size of this lake made it twice as large as the Great Salt Lake ...read more


California’s Rainfall Totals Are Above Average Thanks To

The Beaumont, California weather pages are a service of WeatherCurrents. Cherry Valley is located in northern Riverside County, California, a community of the northern part of Beaumont, along the Interstate 10 highway, in the San Gorgonio pass area, between the communities of Calimesa, Banning. ...read more


Annual rain, snowpack and reservoir totals for CA in 2019

1/27/2021 · The top graph is a histogram of water year precipitation totals on the specified date (in blue) as well as the precipitation total for the current water year in red. The second graph shows the percentiles of precipitation over the course of the historical water year, spreading out like a cone from the start of the water year (October 1). ...read more


Weather - Merced County Cooperative Extension

10/17/2016 · Monday morning, the weather service released rain totals for the Bay Area counties, revealing some of the largest amounts of rainfall over the … ...read more


California Annual Rainfall and Climate Data

5/30/2020 · Last year, and several other years this decade, the state didn't hit it at all. A chart of Northern Sierra precipitation totals as of March 7, 2019. California Department of Water Resources ...read more


Current Season Rainfall Totals for Downtown Los Angeles

6/1/2020 · Let's look at the data city by city. Charotte: Rainfall year to date: 27.93" - this represents a yearly surplus of 10.97" . Raleigh: Rainfall year to date: 21.41" - this represents a yearly surplus of 4.38". Greensboro: Rainfall year to date: 28.13" - this represents a yearly surplus of 11.43" . Wilmington: Rainfall year to date: 24.95" - this represents a yearly surplus of 6.05" ...read more


Season Rainfall Summary Report

Central California Daily Total: Jul 1 to: Normal to % Normal to date : Jul 1 to: Full Season % Normal to date: Since 12am: 18-Mar: 18-Mar: 18-Mar: Normal: Stockton: 0.05: 7.65: 11.70: 65%: 7.65: 14.06: 54%: Modesto: 0.01: 6.96: 10.70: 65%: 6.96: 13.11: 53%: Merced: T: 6.80: 10.16: 67%: 6.80: 12.50: 54%: Madera: T: #VALUE! 9.87: #VALUE! #VALUE! 12.02: #VALUE! Fresno: 0.00: 6.02: 9.16: 66%: 6.02: … ...read more


Northern California Daily Rainfall Totals

Rainfall measured in inches. Temperatures in Fahrenheit. Click on any month to see daily totals. ...read more


Rainfall totals: Here's how much rain fell around the Bay Area

7/15/2020 · Year to Date Rainfall as of July 15 The year is a little more than 50 percent over, and so far 2020 is stacking up to be a Top 3 year in terms of rainfall. At 46.86 inches, the year is shaping up ...read more


Very Wet Year So Far in the Carolinas - Spectrum

Average Yearly Precipitation for California Cities ...read more


Average Yearly Precipitation for California Cities

2019-2020 California Meteorological Rainfall Season Summary ...read more


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